2019 Region 11 Convention & Competition

Bakersfield, CA

Dates: May 2, 2019 through May 5, 2019

Lady Luck Showtime, 2018 Region 11 Chorus Champions


  • Tuesday, January 15 – Register your quartet with Sweet Adelines
  • Friday, January 18 – Official Contest Registration links emailed to Presidents/TCs and Quartet contacts from SAI HQ
  • Friday, January 25 – Housing Forms due (no $$; room lists only)
  • Monday, January 28 – AET/SET Registration opens
  • Friday, March 1 – AET/SET Registration and Housing deadline ($$ due)
  • Monday, March 4 – Deadline for QUARTET CONTEST entries
  • Tuesday, March 5 – Deadline for CHORUS CONTEST entries
  • Monday, March 11 – Draw for Order of Appearance
  • Monday, April 1 – ALL COMPETING FORMS due (to be sent in March)
  • Thursday, May 2 – BRIEFING – Quartets members, Chorus Directors and Presidents/TCs
  • Friday, May 3 – QUARTET CONTEST
  • Saturday, May 4 – CHORUS CONTEST



Deadline #1 – January 25 (list of rooms/roommates only)
Deadline #2 – March 1 (all money due)
** Chorus Housing Chairs – please download the Excel spreadsheet here: R11_Housing_Form_Contest2019_Jan1
  • Region 11 members and their guests must sign up for housing with your chorus. If you are a guest not affiliated with a Region 11 chorus, please contact Housing Chair Colleen McCormick for room reservation information: region11housing@yahoo.com
  • Don’t forget that the Quartet and Chorus Briefing is on Thursday night at 7:00p for all competing quartets and chorus Directors and Presidents/TCs.
  • Check-in time at the hotels is 3:00p. If you think you may need a room on Friday before 3:00p, it is recommended that you arrive on Thursday night.
  • CREDIT CARDS – Giving the hotel a credit card will put a $50/day hold on your card (this is standard practice). If you don’t charge anything to your card, the hold will come off your card within 5-7 days after checkout.
  • DEBIT CARDS – The $50/day will be deducted immediately from your account. Unused amounts will be refunded.
  • CANCELLATIONS – If you need to cancel a room or a room night, you can get a refund if you cancel prior to 30 days before your arrival date. This is a Region 11 policy that supersedes the hotel cancellation policy due to contractual obligations with the hotel. If you need to cancel after that 30-day window, you will be charged for one night. Cancellations within 24 hours of arrival will be subject to a two-night charge. ALL CANCELLATIONS (or changes) MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE REGION 11 HOUSING CHAIR.
Any COMPETITOR choosing to stay at a hotel other than the DoubleTree or the Courtyard Marriott will be assessed a $50 fee. Names will be cross-checked with the List of Competitors, and invoices sent for those staying offsite. Unpaid assessments could jeopardize your chorus or quartet’s good standing with the region and jeopardize your eligibility to compete.

For questions about Housing, contact Housing Chair Colleen McCormick: region11housing@yahoo.com


January 28 – Online Registration Opens
March 1 – Final Deadline
  • All-Event Tickets: $80 ($0 for Region 11 members)
  • Single-event Tickets: $45
  • Sunday Brunch: $35
  • All Region 11 competitors and/or attendees must register online.
  • CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE HITTING THE “COMPLETE REGISTRATION AND PAY” button, as you may only fill out the registration form ONCE. If you make an error and need to change any of your selections after hitting the button, do not attempt to re-register – contact the Regional Registration chair (region11registration@yahoo.com) as soon as possible.
  • All payments are processed through PayPal, whether you use your PayPal balance or a debit/credit card. Your payment is NOT COMPLETE unless you receive a confirmation email FROM PAYPAL that your transaction is completed.
  • If for any reason you do not receive the confirmation email from PayPal (check your Spam/Junk folders first, and be sure you check the correct email), contact the Regional Registration Chair as soon as possible to find out your payment options.DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-REGISTER.
  • All payments made ONSITE for the meal event will be assessed the additional $5 fee, even if ordered with your registration. Save time and money – be sure to pay at the time of your registration for all your selections.

For questions about Registration, contact Registration Chair Cynthia Howlett: region11registration@yahoo.com


The paperwork for new and renewing Quartets must be submitted and processed before you can register for competition. New quartets or renewals received after January 15, 2019 will be charged additional registration fees.


The region will be using the shell again this year This means quartets will not be able to enter the stage from the middle curtain – you will enter from stage Right near the podium).


Choruses will have their official contest photo taken on stage again this year. Please remember to plan a pose in advance that you can get into quickly with everyone visible!


  • Quartet and Chorus Contest Entry Forms will be e-mailed by SAI HQ on or about January 25. This form will also be available for download from the SAI website after that date.
  • Completed QUARTET Entry Forms must be received by SAI HQ on or before March 4, 2019. If your quartet changed personnel during the year and/or you failed to re-register your quartet by the January 15, 2018 deadline, your Entry Form will bounce.
  • Completed CHORUS Entry Forms must be received by SAI HQ on or before March 5, 2019.
  • Quartet or Chorus Entry Forms received after the entry deadline are considered late – a late fee, along with the required entry fee must accompany the Entry Form. Late entries will not be accepted after 30 days prior to the competition.
  • NOTE: If you did not receive a confirmation of receipt from SAI HQ, be proactive and inquire about it immediately. SAI HQ has been known to have problems with faxes especially.


Again this year, choruses have the option of competing for evaluation only by DVD. Choruses choosing this option will be required to pay the usual competition entry fee. This process does not replace the existing competition rule requiring choruses to compete every three years in order to maintain their charters.


Sound – Dale Syverson
Music – Jana Gutenson
Expression – Marcia Pinvidic (Panel Chair)
Showmanship – Lisa Greenough
Panel Secretary – Cammi McKinlay

RISERS – ALTERNATE – now with 8 sections instead of 6!

ALL choruses will be using the Alternate Riser Configuration again this year:  8 sections of 6-ft. risers and 4 steps with back railing. NO inverted center riser.


If you, your quartet, chorus, or director have changed names or contact information in the past year, be sure to notify International Headquarters immediately so Contest Entry Forms go to the correct person. Choruses and quartets should list both names on the Contest Entry Form.


Registration opens January 28, 2019.