Young Women in Harmony

Calling all singing sensations! YWIH is the ultimate hangout for anyone under 26 years of age who's ever dreamed of unleashing their inner rockstar and becoming an acappella legend. Here's what's in store:
  • Vocal bootcamp? More like a vocal playground! YWIH is all about finding your voice in a safe and supportive space, no pressure, just pure musical exploration.
  • Harmony heroes assemble! Master the coolest a cappella style around – Barbershop! Think four voices weaving magic, sending shivers down spines with every perfectly blended chord.
  • From stage fright to stage lights! Take your skills to the next level at festivals, competitions, and even international events! Imagine the crowd cheering, the spotlight shining, and you and your crew owning the stage with every harmonious note.
  • Share the singing love! YWIH empowers music teachers to bring barbershop magic to schools, letting everyone join the a cappella adventure.
  • Meet our champions! Check out The Valkyries shown above, our very own 2022 YWIH Rising Star winners! They're proof that anyone can rule the stage with the right blend of talent and teamwork.

Come explore your voice, make lifelong friends, and become the next generation of acappella superstars! Who knows, you might even be the next Rising Star Champion!